Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Shuffle and a Chicken Soup

Even if Santa did not deliver most of the things on my wish list, but boy, I feel blessed with all the goodies I got. I am going to feature only two for this post.

First is the I-Pod Shuffle.
I unabashedly declared my notoriety in Twitter in one of my previous posts. It is through Twitter where I earn this little musical gadget. Commission on Elections (ComElec) commissioner, Gregorio Larazzabal tweeted on what will be your New Year's resolution, and win an I-pod Shuffle. I gave it a shot, and replied my New Year's resolution to his tweet.  And they say, the rest was history. I won. Commissioner Goyo send me a direct message (DM) asking for my mailing address. The gadget arrived in office via a courier.

I already uploaded songs that I love on this shuffle. But sad to say, I will never use this on a race or any long run (Or I might, who knows.). I am more of those "zen runners".

For those interested to follow my notoriety,

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Yup, there is "Chicken Soup for the Soul for Runners"! This is the latest, hot-from-the-press book of the Chicken Soup series. I never thought that this book is already here in the Philippines. When I asked the friendly crew of Fullybooked Ayala Center-Cebu if they have this book. They were chirpy that they have this book, and it just arrived. I immediately bought this book. This book, along with Haruki Murakami's "What I Talk about, When I Talk About Running", are my running inspiration books. I just had a salary raise. So this is my little token.

I haven't read this book. I have to finish Stieg Larsson first.

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