Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Race Schedule

I will constantly update this entry every time I receive running schedules.

Metro Cebu
May 2- Mandaue City Run
May 8- South Road Properties (SRP) Sunset Run
May 16- Rundaue 2010
May 23- Fair Trade Run @ SM
May 23-1st Eagle Run @ CDU
May 30- Run for Q by Qualfon (A BPO company) Registration: http://itlivewire.com/padeliver 
June 5- Loony Tunes Run- 500m, 1km, 1.5km, 3k, 5K and 10K @ SM
June 13- DYAB Kapamilya Run
June 20- Dasig Kabataan Run
June 26- Run for Bebe @Chong Hua Medical Center 3K Open/3K Medical/5K open/5K Medical
June 27- Planet Sports Run
July 4- Fitness Run of Fitness First
July 18- Cebu Doctors University Dental Alumni Run
July 25- Run for Kids
July 31- St. Ignatius' Run @ Ateneo de Cebu Campus 500m/3K/5K/10K
Aug. 1- Race for Life Presented by the Mandaue Chamber of Commerce
August 8- Run for the Footure @the Terraces Ayala 3K/5K/10K 
August 15- Pilipinas First 25K International Marathon 5K/10K/25K
August 22- Run to Reduce @ the SRP Run sponsored 3K/5K/10K/21K
 August 22- Silliman University Run 3K/5K/10K 
August 29- 1st Recoletos Run 3K/5K/10K 
September 5- 34th Milo Marathon Elimination-Cebu Leg
September 12- Don Sergio Osmena Sr. Memorial Day Run 10K only.
September 18- SSS Fun Run 3K, 5K
September 19- Glamour Run sponsored by STC Batch '87
September 26- World Heart Day Run
October 3- Pink October Run
October 10- Run 2 the Max 3
October 16- Second Eagle Run-Black Out (night race) 3K/5K/10K
November 21- M.O. (Moringa Plus Run) 2010 3K/5K/15K 
December 5- Run for Bebe 2: Run for Kids with Cancer
December 13-Third Eagle Run-Half-Marathon 3K/5K/10K/21K


September 12- 34th Milo Marathon Elimination-Tagbilaran Leg
September 12- The North Face (TNF) Thrill of the Trail-Bohol
September 19- 34th Milo Marathon Elimination-Dumaguete Leg 
November 22- Dumaguete Marathon 28.5K/10K/5K/3K

National (Major)

May 30- Nature Valley Run (2nd race of the Run Rio trilogy)
July 5- 34th Milo Marathon Elimination- Metro Manila leg
September 26- Camarines Sur (CamSur) Marathon. Visit their website.
October 10- Philippine International Marathon- Run for the Pasig River
December 5- Quezon City International Marathon

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Friday, April 23, 2010

Manny Pacquiao, the Runner?

Well, why not?

photo from inside sports.ph

We all know that Philippines'  pride runs 
before doing his intense boxing workouts with Freddie Roach.
Running gave this man that needed stamina
to last the whole 12 rounds...
another potent weapon in his arsenal.

He ran at any surface, from trails, to track, to asphalts.
He even conquered the hills of Griffith Park and Mt. Lee, 
where that famous "HOLLYWOOD" signage is located.

photo from cyberboxingzone.com

Nike even released a special Manny Pacquaio trainer that looks like
Nike's  Free Collection.

photo from Nike

photo from sneakernews.com

He even runs on them.

Can the 7-time boxing champion become 
a championship calibre runner?
Nothing is impossible.
(Adidas adage: Impossible is Nothing.)

Who knows, he will!

But as early as now, Manny Pacquaio, the boxer,
is also a RUNNER. 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Second Great Lapu-Lapu Run Experience


The second installment of the Great Lapu-Lapu Run was a far cry that it's predecessor held last Aug. 2009. This year, it was held to kick off the "Kadaugan sa Mactan" (Victory in Mactan) celebration to commemorate Datu Lapu-Lapu's victory over Magellan some almost 500 years ago. 

In last year's edition, there were only three categories: 20K, 6K and 3K. While this year's edition have four categories: 21K or the half marathon, 10K, 5K and 3K. The 10K and the 21K runners were provided with timing chip (provided by Coach Rio dela Cruz's Finishline) to accurately time their runs and to check if they were running exactly the entire route. Last year's race was held near Hoops Dome in Barangay Gung-ob, which is not a familiar place for outsiders. There were a lot of people who missed the race since they were looking for where the gym was. This year, it was held in Lapu-Lapu Shrine, which is a familiar place to everybody in Cebu. Last year, the runners were drenched because of the rain, while this year, the runners were scorched.

With the improvement, there were still some "glitches" that occur during the race. Number one was water. Water is really essential to all runners to avoid getting dehydrated. I was one of those who finished my 10K under 1 hour and 10 minutes. On my way back, I saw that the last water station before the finish line already ran out of water. There were even some 5k runners who complained for the lack of water. Although there was Gatorade, but it cannot beat the thirst quenching ability of water.

Second shortcoming was the delayed start. The race was suppose to start at 5 in the morning to avoid the summer sun. But the official timer broke down before it started.

Third was the snack distribution. Oh well, this is post race so I don't want to elaborate on this. I enjoyed the free cereal Alaska gave and the free Gatorade, though.


My experience in this year's GLLR was a lot better compared to the last one. First and foremost, Manelle is here. Yup, she is her, and she is running. She just come off from injury and that she is adjusting to the humid climate here in the Philippines. For those who don't know Manelle, she is my high school classmate who was based in Taiwan. She was dropped by her dad to our house. She wants someone who is familiar with the running atmosphere here, and ahem, that would be me.

I originally planned to run 21K, but since I was too busy last month and had pangs of tamaditis, I decided to run 10K instead. Manelle who just arrived the previous weekend, signed up the 3K. I expected to meet another high school classmate, Belle, since she told me that she was going to run 5K, after running her first 5K at the Pinay in Action (PIA) Run last April 11.

We arrived at the venue the same time as everyone arrived at the venue. We parked our car almost a kilometer away from the starting/finish line. Once we arrived, Manelle, Pops and I went on our separate ways. 

First up the 21K were called to go to the starting line. I wished my Pops will not be haunted by either cramps and plantar fasciitis (his main injury). He did the Galloway method. If you don't know what's a Galloway method, it's actually a method of conquering long distances by alternately running and walking at a certain distance or time. For example, a runner will run 3 kilometers, then walk on 1 kilometer, then run again for another 3 kilometers, and so forth. This method is developed by Jeff Galloway. 
He finished the race in 2hours and 18 minutes. Not bad for someone who is back from injury.

As for me, I ran my 10K using "negative splits". This is another method in running wherein a runner will run the first part of the course at a slower pace, and increases his pace at the latter stages. I used to use this method, before I discovered "positive splits". But I went back to do "negative splits" since it's better suited for me. 

I was hoping to break my 1 hour and 3 minutes PR (personal record), but I guess I have to wait to break it. 1 hour and 7 minutes is pretty decent since in the PIA run, I finished in 1 hour and 10 minutes. What's so even better with my time was that, I have beaten a lot of male runners in the last 2 km stretch. Call me a sexist, but it's fun to have a better time than a lot of male runners. Hehehehehehehehe.

I am so looking forward to the next edition of the Great Lapu-Lapu Race. Next year, I will be running 21K.

PS: My high school batch had a mini reunion during the GLLR.

Sci-Hi Batch 2000 Mini Reunion at GLLR. From left to right: Manelle, Me, Belle and Giovanni

Friday, April 16, 2010

Mandaue Runs on the Merry Month of May

So after Lapu-Lapu, all runners' eyes will soon turn on to Lapu-Lapu's bridge city, Mandaue, this May. Afterall, Mandaue will host two runs, the 3rd Mandaue City Run hosted by the Mandaue Runners Club May 2, 2010, and two weeks later, Rundaue 2010. 

So far Rundaue 2010 has confirmed to include the Cansaga Bay Bridge in it's 10K route. Oh! What a way to celebrate the merry month of May!

The Dailymile

I am sure everyone is into an online social networking site. 
This my friend is the social networking site for runners, cyclists, swimmers and triathletes,
Running Training Log

If you are a runner, cyclist, swimmer and triathlete,
better get a dailymile account.

Meet me there.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thursday, April 8, 2010

In Memoriam

Every April 9, Filipinos remember the brave men and women who fought 
the invaders before the fall of Bataan and Corregidor.
And since I am not yet emotionally, mentally, financially, physically and spiritually fit to
run the Bataan Death March Ultramarathon, I always wanted to conquer the historic 
island of Corregidor.

I am looking forward for this race.

PS: The woman in my photo is my maternal grandmother, Natividad Sontousidad Tancawan vda. de Arreglo. When we visited Manila last December, our tour guide/driver, Sir Louie, toured us to the American Cemetery just before we boarded our plane. Lola here was searching for the name of her cousin who died defending "the rock".

Sunday, April 4, 2010


photo taken from this site.

I am stalled by colds.
(Bless you!)
Warm chicken soup,
hot kalamansi with green tea,
ginger ale,
double dose of Ascorbic acid.
Some indigenous massage.
I need to get back...