Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Am Injured Again

You read it right! After doing my much-awaited second half-marathon, I got injured. I was already injured while doing the half-marathon. I was already in pain while doing my pre-Noche Buena Run last Dec. 24. It was almost an 18 km run. I normally don't limp after the run, and I always, always stretch right after. But unfortunately I was limping. I iced it, and it's gone. In the succeeding training days, I noticed that when I run, I tend to drag my left leg. But as I get further, the left leg was getting fine. Right after the run, the pain was back, and the more I train, the longer was the healing time. So I decided to rest my legs for a week right before my half-marathon.

Fast forward. So it has been 3 weeks since the marathon, but I still drag my left leg. It is even bugging my movements. I already tried every trick in the book on how to relieved pain. I already took pain relievers, 2 to be exact. I already rub my leg with liniments and counter-irritants, hot packs, none seemed to work. It's about time to go to the physiatrist to have this resolved.

So I went back to pay Dr. Jorgen Lim a visit again. He is the same doctor who diagnosed my ITBS last year. He carefully took my history, which I detailedly narrate. That included my training days and my mileage covered (sans a kodigo!). He did some physical examination. And when he compared my left gastroc soleus muscle with my right, he noticed that my left is tight! 

He recommended to have 6 PT sessions to loosen it. And that includes some strengthening of the quads. Road running is prohibited right now, so it's either the treadmill or stationary bike for me. But he recommended the bike, though.

I had my first PT session with Elna, my therapist. She is also the therapist of my grandfather! I just recently discovered that. She gave my injured leg some electric impulse by using an interferential current (IFC) to increase blood flow and stimulate the nerves. It was a good 15 minutes on that machine. Next, an ultrasound was used to relax the deep muscle tissues. After wards, she gave my leg some stretching.

The PT session cost PhP 450.00/ session. But that includes the professional fee of the therapist and usage of the equipment. I even had a bonus spin in the stationery bike and the leg press machine. I did 50 repetitions on that machine, and 15 minutes worth of easy cycling. Not bad at all. I'll have another session this Friday, and I am already excited!


katol said...

ayayay.... tsk tsk...

get well soon. patoo sa doctor ug PT ha. :-)

Ling said...
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Ling said...

Of course, I will! They are trained professionals who know this stuff. And like a fellow professional, I must follow what they said.

That's the reason why, I did not gave in to your suggestion on the previous post to run. Hehehehehe!

Thanks for dropping by!

journeyingjames said...

get better, RICE

Ling said...

I've already done that! Siguro the R will do. ICE, nah!