Thursday, January 20, 2011

Too Lazy to Lace Up

Ever since finishing my second half marathon, my weekly mileage is down to a big, fat egg. As in NIL, ZERO, or whatever you call it! Partly because I was limping for a week after the race. My left calf muscles were sore, that I have to take pain killers to kill (The pain, that is.) it. Plus the weather has been wet and dreary that I wore every jacket that lay dormant in my closet for most parts of the year. Injury + Cold and Wet weather= Recipe for the lazy arse runner.

To be honest, I enjoyed this "off season" mode. Maybe because I don't have to wake up in ungodly hours just to run, or this "off season" mode made me save my hard earn money from a race registration. Also I am cutting off my risk of getting the dreaded respiratory viral infection. Also, I have time to watch the Asian Football Confederation-Asian Cup and cheer for the Samurai Blue (That's Japan, my friend.) on their quest for their 4th Asian Cup title. What's worst, I did not bother to write my second breaking of a previous PR on my second race of the year!

But this madness must end! And it MUST END, ASAP! So will someone kick me back to my RUNNING senses?

Quote for this Post
"Not all runners want to take days off. They fear lost fitness. Miss too many days and it will. But fail to rest and you will suffer more."- Hal Higdon


caloyb said...

listen to hal. don't hurry it. the urge to run will come... and you will be out on the road again, refreshed and stronger i bet. :)

resty said...

think a 'crash' after a race is normal so enjoy the downtime. good for the body and mind. then build up again when the enthusiasm returns.

Ling said...

@Sir Caloy and Sir Resty:

I am quite surprise with your response! I really appreciate your advise.

katol said...


Ling said...

@Katol: I'll go with Sir Resty and Sir Caloy. But thanks for the invitation to run.