Thursday, May 26, 2011

I am Still Alive

Am I still obliged to say, "Sorry" to my beloved readers for my absence on this blog? I guess so! I apologized to my dear fans for my no entries for quite some time. Since my injury (What an excuse, is it?), I kinda enjoy the comforts of not waking up at 4 am, wake up in the ungodliest hours in the morning just to catch European football, and eat out with friends. Such lifestyle made me lost my running and writing mojos.

Rest assured dear reader, that my days of couch potato-ness are numbered! Oh yes, I will be up-and-running...this JUNE.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

35th Milo Marathon Eliminations Race- Cebu Leg Schedule

Hello there! It's been a while since i blogged about anything running. Anyways, I got some news for everyone! The prestigious Milo Marathon will be celebrating it's 35th year this year. So I am blogging to announce that the Cebu leg of the race will be held on OCT. 2, 2011. 

Mark it on your running calendars, boys and girls. For the complete schedule of the Milo Marathon 2011, click here.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Azkal Fever

I just reported to work today, and I am excited to share to you my experience watching the Philippine Men's National Football team match against Mongolia. Really it was an amazing and memorable experience for me as a football fan and as a Filipino. For my entry, it will be on my other blog.

Laban Azkals!

Monday, February 7, 2011


Dear Reader,

I am off to Bacolod this week with my folks to watch the AFC Challenge Cup match between the Philippines and Mongolia (first leg). Anything related to the Azkals, football, and other sports, please click here. That's my sports blog. I decided to keep this page, rather, devote this site for running and anything related about it. I am planning to change the site's title as well. But I am still thinking about it.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My CCM Half Marathon Story

I tried so hard to conceal the pain near the finish line.

It's been almost a month since my second half marathon, and I owe my dear readers my experience of what was it like to run another second half-marathon. For starters, I have a lot of respect for this distance, after all 21K is half of the 42K. This is not the type of distance where you can just slack and relax. To prepare for a half-marathon, one must prepare it in three to four months. The preparation includes a lot of long slow distance runs on weekend, intervals, recovery runs, hills training, just to name some of the preparation I did.

I must admit, I did slack in the middle of training for reasons that I burned out in mid-training or eternally lost a love one. But it did not deter my spirit, not even an injury I sustained barely two weeks before the big race.

I have to say, what I did was either courageous and stupid. I know that I was injured but still had the guts to run. And since this is my second half-marathon, I was aiming for a personal best for this run, 2:30 or less. To run in such distance, one must not be 100%, but 110%. With my state during that time, I was at 80%. It was one of those moments that I have to say this mantra, "bahala na si Batman".

We'll go straight to the running, shall we? My Tita Nene and I ran in an LSD pace-ish in the first three kilometers, slowly picked up our running mojo at Km. 4. Running throught the sights and colors of Cebu? You betcha! The route took us to some "heritage" sites of Cebu, like the Cebu Capitol, Colon St. (The Philippines oldest street, named after Christopher Columbus.),  Basilica del Sto. Nino, Magellan's Cross, Cebu City Hall, Malacanan sa Sugbo (the old Bureau of Customs building), Fort San Pedro (The Philippines' oldest and smallest fortification.), the South Road Properties tunnel, and of course the SRP.

 Look we have a new friend. The runner beside me is Nanay Rosal. Lo and behold, we live in the same part of town.

I kinda slowed down on our way back, because I was such a worry mort on my injury.  I resorted to do run-walk-jog. I kept on looking at my watch if I can still make it to my target time. Upon approaching kilometer 19, my target of finishing 2:30 or less fizzled because of the University of the Philippines-Cebu hill, which my father's colleague, Cres affectionately named "the UP Heartbreak Hill". By this time around, I must run in order to beat my old time of 2:45.

Some 700 meters from the finish line, I had this pain on my gastrocsoleus. I was thinking, is this an impending cramps? I told myself, "I am already close to the finish line, dammit! Just let me cross it, and I'll have you iced up on the medical tent.". And the pain went away. As I approach the finish line, I glanced on my watch, alright, I am going to beat my old time! And I did! I finish at 2 hours, 38 minutes and 6 seconds! A PR for me! 

RACE: Cebu City Marathon
LOCATION:Asiatown IT Park
DATE: January 9, 2011 4:00AM- 12 Noon
TIME: 2:38:06 (Official Time)

PS: I'll be running the marathon next year! That will be our little secret.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chicken Soup for the Soul: Runners

posing just like those japanese idols do on their blogs.

You have read it and seen it! After devoting my whole Sunday afternoon finishing Stieg Larsson's first book of the Millennium trilogy, it's time to read this.

This book contains one hundred and one inspirational stories about running. So while I'm on the injured list, it's good that my spirit is buoyed by this book.

I consider this as my Chinese New Year gift to myself (I am quarter Chinese.). Kung hei fat choi!

PS: This book is available in Fullybooked @ PhP 599.00.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

I Am Injured Again

You read it right! After doing my much-awaited second half-marathon, I got injured. I was already injured while doing the half-marathon. I was already in pain while doing my pre-Noche Buena Run last Dec. 24. It was almost an 18 km run. I normally don't limp after the run, and I always, always stretch right after. But unfortunately I was limping. I iced it, and it's gone. In the succeeding training days, I noticed that when I run, I tend to drag my left leg. But as I get further, the left leg was getting fine. Right after the run, the pain was back, and the more I train, the longer was the healing time. So I decided to rest my legs for a week right before my half-marathon.

Fast forward. So it has been 3 weeks since the marathon, but I still drag my left leg. It is even bugging my movements. I already tried every trick in the book on how to relieved pain. I already took pain relievers, 2 to be exact. I already rub my leg with liniments and counter-irritants, hot packs, none seemed to work. It's about time to go to the physiatrist to have this resolved.

So I went back to pay Dr. Jorgen Lim a visit again. He is the same doctor who diagnosed my ITBS last year. He carefully took my history, which I detailedly narrate. That included my training days and my mileage covered (sans a kodigo!). He did some physical examination. And when he compared my left gastroc soleus muscle with my right, he noticed that my left is tight! 

He recommended to have 6 PT sessions to loosen it. And that includes some strengthening of the quads. Road running is prohibited right now, so it's either the treadmill or stationary bike for me. But he recommended the bike, though.

I had my first PT session with Elna, my therapist. She is also the therapist of my grandfather! I just recently discovered that. She gave my injured leg some electric impulse by using an interferential current (IFC) to increase blood flow and stimulate the nerves. It was a good 15 minutes on that machine. Next, an ultrasound was used to relax the deep muscle tissues. After wards, she gave my leg some stretching.

The PT session cost PhP 450.00/ session. But that includes the professional fee of the therapist and usage of the equipment. I even had a bonus spin in the stationery bike and the leg press machine. I did 50 repetitions on that machine, and 15 minutes worth of easy cycling. Not bad at all. I'll have another session this Friday, and I am already excited!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Too Lazy to Lace Up

Ever since finishing my second half marathon, my weekly mileage is down to a big, fat egg. As in NIL, ZERO, or whatever you call it! Partly because I was limping for a week after the race. My left calf muscles were sore, that I have to take pain killers to kill (The pain, that is.) it. Plus the weather has been wet and dreary that I wore every jacket that lay dormant in my closet for most parts of the year. Injury + Cold and Wet weather= Recipe for the lazy arse runner.

To be honest, I enjoyed this "off season" mode. Maybe because I don't have to wake up in ungodly hours just to run, or this "off season" mode made me save my hard earn money from a race registration. Also I am cutting off my risk of getting the dreaded respiratory viral infection. Also, I have time to watch the Asian Football Confederation-Asian Cup and cheer for the Samurai Blue (That's Japan, my friend.) on their quest for their 4th Asian Cup title. What's worst, I did not bother to write my second breaking of a previous PR on my second race of the year!

But this madness must end! And it MUST END, ASAP! So will someone kick me back to my RUNNING senses?

Quote for this Post
"Not all runners want to take days off. They fear lost fitness. Miss too many days and it will. But fail to rest and you will suffer more."- Hal Higdon

Sunday, January 16, 2011

A Shuffle and a Chicken Soup

Even if Santa did not deliver most of the things on my wish list, but boy, I feel blessed with all the goodies I got. I am going to feature only two for this post.

First is the I-Pod Shuffle.
I unabashedly declared my notoriety in Twitter in one of my previous posts. It is through Twitter where I earn this little musical gadget. Commission on Elections (ComElec) commissioner, Gregorio Larazzabal tweeted on what will be your New Year's resolution, and win an I-pod Shuffle. I gave it a shot, and replied my New Year's resolution to his tweet.  And they say, the rest was history. I won. Commissioner Goyo send me a direct message (DM) asking for my mailing address. The gadget arrived in office via a courier.

I already uploaded songs that I love on this shuffle. But sad to say, I will never use this on a race or any long run (Or I might, who knows.). I am more of those "zen runners".

For those interested to follow my notoriety,

Photo taken from

Yup, there is "Chicken Soup for the Soul for Runners"! This is the latest, hot-from-the-press book of the Chicken Soup series. I never thought that this book is already here in the Philippines. When I asked the friendly crew of Fullybooked Ayala Center-Cebu if they have this book. They were chirpy that they have this book, and it just arrived. I immediately bought this book. This book, along with Haruki Murakami's "What I Talk about, When I Talk About Running", are my running inspiration books. I just had a salary raise. So this is my little token.

I haven't read this book. I have to finish Stieg Larsson first.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Personal Best January (Part 1)

RACE: 1st Sinulog Fun Run
DATE: January 2, 2011 5:00-8:00 AM
TIME: 31:13:08 (My Time)

My very first race of the new year was the day after the New Year's Day, January 2. This was the Sinulog Fun Run to kick off the festivities of the feast of Señor Sto. Niño de Cebu (Child Jesus). It was rather a short race, only 5 kilometers. The route of the race is actually the route that is used in the Sinulog Grand Parade this coming Sunday, January 16. 

For this race, I was paced by my father, who last paced me in the Pinay in Action (PIA) last March 2010. My father pushes me to the brink that I will either cough or about to puke, but that's how he is. He likes me to push myself. That's the reason why we argue, but in the end he'll always win!

The first 2 kilometers was about running uphill to Imus Road away from the burgeoning crowd of students. We even overtook our city mayor once we got out of the track oval. But we greeted him as a sign of respect, though.

On the third kilometer, I took a very brief, as in 10 seconds of walk, then my father barked not to stop running/jogging, so pushed jog. Then, it's up to the rolling hills of Mango Ave. (also known as Gen. Maxilom Ave.). Oh, the hills were alive. I kept a steady pace, then run up to the hills.

On the last kilometer, I was literally running. I was already coughing, but I said to myself, "It's almost the finish line, run like you are chased by a pack of rabid dogs!". So when I crossed the finish line, I checked my watch, whoa, a personal best 5k! 

I am looking forward to run more 5Ks this year to break this PB. Hopefully next time, it will be a sub 30! 

Oh, my high school batch mates and I had a mini reunion. We even "modeled" for a sardines brand, as requested by the girl on their booth. The sardines brand was one of the sponsors. Sad to say, we did not ask where they posted the photos.

Hey, I'm on TV. One of my uncles watched the broadcast of the local evening news the Monday after, and saw me ran past the mayor! He even told his beer buddies about my exploits. Does this means that I am already a celebrity? Hahahahahahaha!


It was a fairly well run race. There were marshals along the route, ample water station, and post race food and drinks. It was a turn off that they used the water from the fire hydrant as our "drinking water". We had foreigners and balik-bayans who joined the race, like Jappy and her friend Michelle. 

This race saved me from purchasing my "annual" Sinulog t-shirt. Instead of singlet, they gave away a t-shirt from local manufacturers, Kulas!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hood to Coast-The Movie

Or should I say, "The Documentary". 

I hope this will be shown in our local theaters.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Power Balance bracelets-Bogus!

Photo taken from this site:

News have been circulating around the web this week that the Power Balance bracelets do not have any medical benefits as promised. Read on this link to know more about the issue.

It's a good thing that I did not purchase this product, which was THE "IT" product last year. Celebrities are wearing it, even runners. There are bootleg versions of these being sold in tiangges. It's a good thing I did not purchase these. Thank God for my intuition!