Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Azkals and it's Many Interpretations

Tomorrow, Dec. 16 (Manila time) and on Dec. 19, the Philippine National Football Team aka the Azkals will face the Indonesian National Football team aka the Garudas for their semifinal tie of the ASEAN Football Federation Suzuki Cup. My country's "home" game will be held in the opponent's territory. For those who have not known yet why my nation's football team (That's soccer team to us Filipinos!) is affectionately called the Azkals, click on this link.

Since, it's the fans who concocted the moniker, the Azkals do not have an official seal.

 The photo above is what the fans consider as the "official" Azkals seal.

 Here's a rather a sinister looking Azkals logo.

 This one screams "Kick ass", in my honest opinion. But the dog looks like Balto.

 Here's an Azkal doodle.

And this is t-shirt makers, Team Manila's interpretation of the Azkals' logo.

So which of these do you choose to be our team's logo? 

Go Azkals! Go out and fight...and BITE!

Quote for this Post:

"It took me a long time to decide. Obviously every boy's dream is to play for England at the highest level. But I thought, why not play for the Philippines? It's mum's side of the family as well."
—Philippines' goal keeper Neil Etheridge, on his decision to represent the Philippines


Anonymous said...

ok un "kick ass"!! subukan mong lagyan ng black eye para "bantay"ang dating at hindi "balto"... Raniel from KSA

Anonymous said...

kabayan, pa share naman ng "kick ass"gawin ko lang profile pix sa FB..tnx

Ling said...

Hey Raniel! You can have the "kick ass" photo. Thanks in advance for posting it on your Facebook account.

Mabuhay ang mga Azkals!