Saturday, July 31, 2010

Run to Educate: The Silliman University Run (Aug. 22, 2010)

 The Silliman University Alumni Association in Cebu is inviting everyone to join the run to Educate this coming Aug. 22, 2010 at the Terrace, Ayala Center-Cebu. This is for the benefit of the Silliman University's Scholarship Program. Registration fee is at P250.00. You may register at the following venues:Fitness First Ayala, Wow Travel and More in Robinson's Place-Cebu, Elizabeth Mall and Lapu-Lapu, Body and Sole, RGMA DYSS and DYRT FM.

Eagle Run

The Sacred Heart School For Boys (now Known as Ateneo De Cebu/Sacred Heart-Jesuits), together with Run for Sight will have two more Eagle Runs in the last quarter of the year.

After the success of the first Eagle Run last May 23, they will be having a night race dubbed as "Eagle Run-Blackout", while the third race will be "Eagle Run Half-Marathon".

Eagle Run-Blackout will be held on October 16 (Saturday) at the Cebu Doctors University, Mandaue City, Cebu. There will be three categories: 3K/5K/10K.

Eagle Run Half-Marathon will be held this December 19 (Sunday) at the same venue. There will be also three categories: 5K/10K/21K.

Mark those dates! See yah!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Run Fat Boy Run

 *This review was done sometime ago. I am just reposting my POV about this movie.

I rarely do movie reviews, but I have to make a review on this one since it covers two topics I like: running and it's a typical-loser-overcoming-obstacle-and-wins movie. It all started by surfing the channels after watching the spectacle that was Sinulog all day on the television. I wanted to go out with my cousins, but I have my former roommate to attend to.

The movie's cast included one of it's writers, Simon Pegg as the protagonist, Dennis; Thandie Newton (Mission Impossible and 2012) as Libby, Hank Azaria (The Simpsons, Godzilla) as Whit, and a list of Bristish actors whom I am not familiar with. By the way, I am not also familiar with Simon Pegg.

The Plot: Dennis is a bloke who wanted to turn his life around and get back to Libby, his very preggers fiance who he left at the altar (I am injecting some very British slang on this.). But now, Libby is dating Whit, an American jerk, who runs marathons for charity. and now Dennis joined a marathon (but it's not the London Marathon) to prove to Libby that he is turning his life around to finish it. He turned to his friend, Gordon to coach him and Mr. Ghoshdastidar (also Dennis' landlord) who had an unorthodox method of coaching, spanking Dennis' arse. Gordon tried his very best to train his chum since he was in debt. He made a bet on Dennis to finish the marathon.

Review: It was a simple and common movie plot about a loser who won in his obstacles in the most dramatic fashion. But I like how they injected the typical sly British sarcasm into it. The ensemble of cast were good, because British actors are good actors. But I am quite disturbed on the hair of Thandie Newton which was all over the place. I love how they/ she styled he hair in 2012.

Spoilers: Okay, Dennis' time in finishing the race is equivalent to an Ultramarathon. Dennis' charity of choice was the National Erectile Dysfunction Awareness (NEDA). You can see Gordon's butt. Mr. Ghoshdastidar's weapon of choice is a spatula.

Soundtrack: It involves running injected with something British alternative rock.

Director: David Schwimmer, better known as Russ of Friends.

Which channel to watch: HBO Asia (Kindly, check the website for screening schedules.)

 run fat gurl...err run.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Looking Back

I am feeling nostalgic right now. Well, nothing special, it's just that my running buddy/Dad is already in Laguna for a 2 month stint to set-up their branch there. Our rendezvous for running started way back in 2007, it was October to be exact. It was the first and only SK Fun Run held in Labangon Elementary School. It attracted the elites and even fun runners. There were only two categories then: 3K and 5K. The 3K had it's turning point at Paseo Arsenas, while the 5K has to pass Katipunan St., right turn to Salvador St., straight to Duterte St., then right turn to V. Rama Ave., then turn right to Katipunan again. In other words, this is now one of my routes for my practice run which covers 5.8 km, and four "hills" in Banawa (The last one hill, if you are coming from Katipunan, is  the steepest.). It was me and my father's first 5K. He able o finish it, and was paced by Tito Roy, his childhood friend. As for me, I was walking! I only made it to the second hill, in the area of One World Montesorri School and South Hills International School, and turn back to where we started. I was with my aunts and cousins who unfortunately were there to support our relatives who were running for elective posts. This was before the barangay elections of 2007. Back then, I used a blue Puma futsal shoes for running.

Back during that time, races are held sporadically, unlike today, wherein a race is held every weekend, at times, two races share the same date. There were only few marquee races then like, Don Sergio Osmena Run, which is being held on the statesman's birthday, September 9 (This race only features one race category: 10K.). Another one was the Sinulog Half-Marathon which was held the Saturday before the Sinulog Grand Parade. And of course, the Milo Marathon eliminations leg.

 With Ms. Twinkle Ignacio as "Flores de Mayo".
My first 3K-2nd Mandaue City Run
(May 3, 2009)

When I first started "seriously" running in May 2009, all I dreamed about was to finish the Milo Marathon's 5K category which was slated in July 5. My first race was at the 2nd Mandaue City Run (May 3. It was the Sunday of the Pacquiao-Hatton fight). I registered in the 3K category. I finished 13th place, with a matching photograph of me running towards the finish line, only to be overtaken by a kid! I am sooo going to post that photo once I find it! My second, and could be my last 3K, was at the first MAD Run held in Lahug, 3 weeks later. Like my first race, I ran-walk. By June, I decided to level-up to 5K, constantly practicing at the hills of Banawa on weekdays, and at the Cebu Business Park on weekends. My very first 5K was at the Kapamilya Run, which was held a week before the Milo Elims. I clocked at 37 minutes on my first 5K, but base on the official results, my time was 26 minutes! Weird, really? The Kapamilya Run was my gauge if I can run 5K in the Milo Elims. I was able to run the whole course on my first 5K!

On my way to the finish line at the Kapamilya Run
(June 27, 2009)

After the resounding success of the Milo Elims, races were popping like mushrooms. Cebu Milo Elims had a higher number of participants compared to Manila. A lot of people have their sort of awakening to running back then.

In the past, Cebu only had a few running clubs. In Cebu City, there's Cebu Executive Runners Club or CERC, and Cebu Road Runners Club (CRRC). In Mandaue City, there's the Mandaue City Runners Club. In Lapu-Lapu, they have R.O.X. Gym. And in Talisay, they have the Kabangis Running Club, led by Mr. Jun Canton of the Philippine Airlines (PAL). Lately, I haven't seen Kabangis in some foot races. The last time I saw them was at the 3rd Mandaue City Run.

Back then, registrations fees are usually between P150-P250. P250.00 was already expensive. Back then, a woman named Leiszl Gitaruelas used to be Cebu's Running Queen. She even strutted her stuff in Hong Kong (top 3 or top 4 finisher of the half-marathon in 2009, and third in the Mt. Kinabalu 21K Run). The last time I saw Leiszl was at the Cebu City Marathon. She ran 21K just like me. She is now based abroad. Back then, Ms. Twinkle is the only costumed runner. But now she has competitors!

Could this "woman" be a threat to Ms. Twinkle's throne?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Race for Life

My "tipster" just e-mailed me the details on a race this coming Aug. 01, 2010. Unfortunately, this announcement was embedded in the blogs of the bloggeratti of Cebu aka Cebu Blogger Society (They should include runner blogs!). So for those who are interested to join this event, here are the details for this race.

You may register at the following venues: Dunkin Donuts' branches in SM-Cebu and Ayala Center-There will be a 3K, 5K, 10K, 15K and a Kids' Run. Registrations are pegged at P250.00 in all categories.Cebu, Runnr (Ayala), Parkmall, Holiday Gym and Spa, Philippine Sports Commission Office at the Cebu City Sports Complex (Abellana)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

TNF Thrill of the Trail-Bohol (September 12)

I have been longing to join one of these races, since I want to experience what is like to do trail running. As I was browsing my Facebook account, I saw this photo tagged to a runner-acquaintance. Giddy me wants to join this, but reality me reprimanded. TNF Thrill of the Trail-Bohol is scheduled at the same date as the Milo Marathon-Tagbilaran Eliminations race, which the crew have long been planning for. On second thought, I will be managing the clinic branch by September! Sigh! 

I am looking at the sky right now, waiting for signs. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Runner Collapsed, Dies in a Freak Incident

Below is the official statement from the organizers of the Energizer Night Race as posted in the Cebu Running's Facebook account.


Young Runner Dies in Freak Incident

Alexander Landero, 19, who joined the recently concluded, popular night race died in a freak incident at the Mandaue District Hospital. Landero is a member of the Danao Runners Club.

Authorities are investigating why Landero went out of control inside the hospital while awaiting treatment after he fainted, this after he finished the 10K run.

Organizers of the race clarified that Landero did not die during the race. According to the spot report filed at the Mandaue Police Station, shortly after the incident, the victim was brought by ACERT ambulance personnel to the hospital for medical attention.

Witnesses were stunned that Landero suddenly ran to the operating room doors and jumped through the glass which resulted in lacerations on his left arm.

Landero then hurled himself out of the recovery room windows. Investigative and Detective Management Branch (IDMB) personnel composed of P/Insp. Zosimo Jabas, PO2 Raniel Cartin and PO1 Crestito Raboy found the victim lying in the garden already unconscious.

Responding officers, together with the help of hospital personnel brought the victim back to the emergency room for medical attention but at around 11:26pm of the same day, the attending physician declared Landero dead.

We are saddened by this unfortunate turn of events and would like to extend our deepest sympathies to the Landero family.

Kristian Cortes

To Alex Landero, rest in peace!
To your family, our deepest condolences!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

We Owned the Night: The Energizer Night Race

Location: Parkmall, Ouano Ave, North Reclamation Area, Mandaue City
Date: July 10, 2010 6 PM-10 PM
Race Category: 10K
Bib Number: 1082
Race Time: 1:05:22 (Unofficial time)

I get first to the race review and rating!

Four out of five doggie paws!

The Good
- half of the roads along the route are close to vehicular traffic to accommodate the runners.
- water runs aplenty
- marshalls were every where.
- Different redemption booths for the cap and headlamp, and baggage counter for the 10K, 5K and 3K runners
-simultaneous start in all race categories
-very entertaining post race show

Needs Improvement
- late start
- simultaneous start
- water station is stationed either on one side of the road or right in the middle
- water station running out of cups!
- the course is actually 600 meters short for a 10K.

The Experience

All I can say, I was having a blast in last night's race! I have bumped into my so many people, got to chit chat for a bit. And ran with Katol V. Anyway, I left work an hour earlier just in anticipation of heavy traffic and I have to get my head lamp and cap. The sky was overcast, and down south, it was raining cats and dogs. A lot of my friends back in high school registered for this race. Maybe because it's a novelty race, and it's for a cause, too. Proceeds from the race was donated to GMA-7's Kapuso Foundation for their mercury-free hearing aid project for the deaf-mute.

 The race started quite late than their announced gun start scheduled at 8:30 PM because "Kapuso" celebrities were introduced to predominantly "Kapamilya"  crowd (For the record, I am both. I like GMA because of their news and public affairs. While ABS-CBN for their programs. I prefer watching "Eat... Bulaga!" over "Wowowee", though.) The warm-up was led by Sexbomb Girl, Rochelle Pangilinan. Kapuso celebrities also ran, like Iza Calzado, JC Tiuseco and Paolo Paraiso. How I wish I had a photo op with Iza. 

Since it turned out to be a simultaneous start to all race categories, I have to do positive split to get away from the burgeoning crowd. Ah, the horror of last year's Milo Marathon 5K went back to me. Anyway, I tried to get away as fast as I could that I skipped three water stations! I suffered an early bout of side stitch as early as KM 2.

I get to bump on Katol V. near the Cebu International Convention Center (CICC) as the 10Kers are about to make their first loop of our 10K. This is the second time, I have met Katol V. but it's the first time I am running with him. I tend to slow down due to the lingering pain of the side stitch and we chat about the World Cup! You see, I haven't had any runs this past few days because I am seriously cheering for my team, the Netherlands in this year's World Cup in South Africa. I also cheered for our neighbors, Japan, too. My Netherlands dumped Katol V.'s Brazil in the quarterfinals. And he kinda gained respect for my team, who will be facing Spain later in the finals. After this World Cup, I will be training again. Once every four years ra bitaw na ang World Cup! Pagbigyan ninyo naman ako.

Katol and I decided to let go of our PR dreams goodbye. We just enjoyed the race, the sights, the sounds. The passengers riding in public utility vehicles (PUVs) seemed to enjoy seeing people with headlamps running and did not mind the traffic. They were even some who were cheering for runners. 

As we approach the CICC, Katol and I decided to increase our pace. We finished the race at 1:05, but the course was sort by 600 meters! Toink! Ok, well at least if I ran a full 10K race, it's much better than my ketchup run two weeks ago!

This just in! I just checked on my dailymile account, and's Max Limpag said that one runner died. He actually passed out at the finish line, and was bought to the nearby district hospital. He regained consciousness daw, but ran into an open window and fell 4 feet into the ground. He was fatally wounded by broken glasses. Ouch! Here's the link of Mad Max's entry. May you rest in peace! Sigh!

Anyway, overall I enjoyed the race! I had photo ops with my classmates back in high school! And upon posting my photos on my Facebook account, it piqued the interest of our other batch mates! Next stop for my high school batch would be the Run 4 Kids!

FYI: The Philippines is the fifth nation to have a night race sponsored by Energizer. Argentina, South Africa, South Korea and Malaysia were the other four who already hosted this. In Malaysia, the race was held last March and it included a full marathon!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Breaking News: Netherlands Upsets Brazil

 from a facebook application. this, by the way, is my profile pic ever since the World Cup started.

My favorite team just upsets everyone's favorite team in tonight's thrilling quarter final match in the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. World number 4, the Netherlands defeated World number 1, Brazil 2-1.

Brazil went ahead via a goal by Robinho (pronounced as: Robin-yo) in the 10th minute. The Selecao (pronounced as: Se-Le-SaO), actually had more possessions than my Oranje. It was in the second half in a Dutch free kick taken by Wesley Sneijder (#10), when Brazilian defender, Felipe Melo, and Brazilian goalkeeper, Julio Cesar got mixed up for the ball clearance. But instead, Felipe Melo send the ball into the gaping net. That resulted to a Dutch equalizer via an own goal by a Brazilian defender. The Brazilians grew frustrated with that goal and the infamous antics of Dutch wingman Arjen Robben. You see, I used to despise this guy when he used to play for Chelsea. He always use his wily tricks on my Arsenal causing their defeats. This time around, Arjen Robben played his game on Michel Bastos (#6) (ha, my favorite player name in terms of humor!) and Felipe Melo. Both men were booked (received the yellow card), but Melo saw red.

The second Oranje goal was courtesy from the "Man of the Match", Wesley Sneijder. Arjen Robben kicked the ball on a free kick. the ball landed on the head of the taller Dirk Kuyt. After that, the ball landed on the shiny forehead of Wesley Sneijder and sent it into goal. I was kinda puzzled why there was no Brazilian player on the right side of the net, where in fact it was a set piece or set play.

Anyway, the Brazilians grew frustrated as time ticked away in favor of the Dutch. There were many chances for Brazil to equalize, but to no avail. The Oranje even blew an opportunity to add another goal.

Right now, i am looking for an orange shirt to run on! Go Oranje!

Anyway, it was a good game with some ugly scenes and a few bad decisions. That is why it's a beautiful game. I know, a lot of people are in shock or crying why their formidable Brazil lost to the Oranje. But the Netherlands is a very strong team that uses counterattacks as their way to score a goal and even defend. I only know two other people who cheered for Oranje tonight, and they were my classmates back in high school. To Pia and Al, cheeseburger naman diyan! , Burger! Burger! Burger!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Conquering 20K and Beyond: Run to Reduce and Pilipinas First 25K International Marathon

Cebuanos will be treated to a couple of races which is slated to have distances beyond 20K. First will be the Pilipinas First 25K International Marathon (Why call it a marathon, if it's only 25 kilometers?) this coming August 15, and the Run to Reduce on August 22.

The Pilipinas First 25K International Marathon will be held at the Asiatown IT Park. They had a press conference today at around 10 am in a hotel very near to the clinic where I am working. Unfortunately, I could not excuse myself since I had lots of patients then. But i have heard through TV Patrol-Central Visayas (while mourning for the passing of a resident kitty), that the registration fee is pegged at P 350.00 for 25K, P 250.00 for 10K and P 200.00 for 5K. The 25k race course will also include the newly-inaugurated tunnel. There will be 10K and 5K race categories

The week following the 25K Run, there will another half-marathon race sponsored by the Aboitiz Group of Companies. My dad already informed me about this last summer, since they were also been told by their HR. The race will be held at the South Road Properties and has four race categories: 3K, 5K, 10K and 21K. The 10K and 21K runners will have timing chips. Registration fees are pegged at P450.00 for 21K, P350.00 for 10K and P250.00 for 5K and 3K. You may register at Runnr in Ayala Center-Cebu, Visayan Electric Company (VECO)-SM City-Cebu, and Casa Ilonga at the Robinson's Place-Cebu.You may claim your singlet/s at Persimmon Plus, Mabolo, Cebu City from August 16-21, 2010.

If you are preparing for Milo half-marathon this September you may either join either or both races or skip either or even both, it only depends on you. Choose your races and stay away from injuries.