Friday, March 26, 2010

Hey, I am Bloody Mary

"Oki dok! oki dok! Oki, doki,doki, doc!"

Hi, I am Maria Nes-Li A. Abella. I am better known as ling among my inner circle of friends, but I am known as Marie in my profession. I am licensed veterinarian specializing in Companion Animal Medicine (that's dog and cat medicine). 

I used to swim back in my grade school days, I used to play football (for a couple of games) back in high school, and I used to play basketball back in college. And now, I am running.

I am a recreational runner who aims to get fit and adds more life to my years.

I maintain this blog as my reflections on my running sojourns. 

"RUN YOUR OWN RACE". That's my running mantra!

So tie up those shoe laces, do some warm-up, and let's run!


journeyingjames said...

hi ms.ling! just want to update you about my new blog URL:
thanks thanks!

Julie -- "Hotlegs Runner" said...

two thumbs up for being a runner...and a VET! I looooooove animals. Esp dogs! and my hats off to you for taking care of our best-friends =)

Ling said...


Hey! Our clinic mascot, Puffy (see profile pic), will be joining the Pink October Run! He'll run on behalf of dogs with cancer.

Sam said...

Hello po... I just saw your comment in one Classic film blog... BTW, that comment was dated back more than two years ago. hehe. I just got curious so I went on viewing your profile and blog/s. :)