Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dear Santa (Christmas Wishlist Post)

Dear Santa,

   It's already less than 60 days before Christmas! I know that I am neither naughty or nice, but in my own little way, I am sure I made many people happy. Since it's less than 60 days before Christmas, and you and you're elven staff are quite busy preparing and wrapping gifts to kids ages 0-110. To make it easier  for you guys, here's my wishlist.

An Adizero Boston. I prefer the red one, size 8. It's the perfect race day shoes for me since it's designed for high arched neutrals like me! I need to replace my old Adizero Tempo (I bought it before knowing that my foot strike is actually pronated!

Brooks Glycerin 8. We'll a lot of people are raving about this shoe, and that includes the editor of Runner's World magazine. This will be my training shoes. Again in size 8.

Asics Gel Nimbus 11 in Pink of course (size: 8). Another alternative for both training and racing. Tee hee!

Garmin Forerunner 110. I know it doesn't posses the multitasking caboodle of the GF 305 as exposed by Running Moron's blog, but I like it's design.Very minimalist and could be easily pass as a watch. This is just to prevent predators on preying little me. These predators might be targeting people with a 305 sooner or later.

And speaking of predators, I also need this. A Road ID. I prefer a pink one in the smallest size since I have small wrist. If you want my personal information, just send me an e-mail located on the upper right corner of this blog.

Under Armour athletic shirts. I already have one, and I need another one because I am a fan!

TRX! Bob Harper is using and raving about this! A good cross training tool to strengthen my muscles using the principles of using your body for resistance. And it's portable! And I don't get to pay pricey gym membership fees. Boo yeah!

 Salonpas Spray. I have the gel, but it would be more convenient to have a spray. Ouch my thighs! Spritz, spritz!

 I am a fan of Lance Armstrong! I don't care if he is accused of doping. Fore me he is innocent for doping until proven guilty in a proper venue, not by publicity. And as a fan, I wouldn't mind having this motivational shirt in both white and black!

And since I am living in typhoon zone, and sometimes bed weather can hinder my road run, I also want/need a stationary bike. It also aids my recovery. This is rather a safer way to channel my inner Lance.

I don't mind if you just give me one or even every thing on the list at once. Just make this 60-65 hours a week worker happy this Christmas!

Merry Christmas!



katol said...

hanep ah! very specific! haha.

nice list doc. i wish Santa will bless you with at least one of these....

Ling said...

I know! I'll be happy if he's just going to give me one of these! Hehehehehe!

Julie @ Hotlegs Runner said...

I also want a TRX for xmas =)

join my RoadID giveaway. will be posting i soon =)

Ling said...

Oh goody! Thanks for dropping by, Julie!

Jacob said...

Love the post! Hope you get them all! :)

Ling said...

Thanks Jacob! Hehehehe! I certainly hope that I'll get them!

caloyb said...

nice list, doc.

journeyingjames said...

daming request na sapatos.. oo nga gusto ko rin ng adizero boston or ekiden

Ling said...
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Ling said...

@Sir Caloy: yeah, it's running related!

@Pastor James: Hahahha! May pagka Imeldefic din ako!