Saturday, July 24, 2010

Run Fat Boy Run

 *This review was done sometime ago. I am just reposting my POV about this movie.

I rarely do movie reviews, but I have to make a review on this one since it covers two topics I like: running and it's a typical-loser-overcoming-obstacle-and-wins movie. It all started by surfing the channels after watching the spectacle that was Sinulog all day on the television. I wanted to go out with my cousins, but I have my former roommate to attend to.

The movie's cast included one of it's writers, Simon Pegg as the protagonist, Dennis; Thandie Newton (Mission Impossible and 2012) as Libby, Hank Azaria (The Simpsons, Godzilla) as Whit, and a list of Bristish actors whom I am not familiar with. By the way, I am not also familiar with Simon Pegg.

The Plot: Dennis is a bloke who wanted to turn his life around and get back to Libby, his very preggers fiance who he left at the altar (I am injecting some very British slang on this.). But now, Libby is dating Whit, an American jerk, who runs marathons for charity. and now Dennis joined a marathon (but it's not the London Marathon) to prove to Libby that he is turning his life around to finish it. He turned to his friend, Gordon to coach him and Mr. Ghoshdastidar (also Dennis' landlord) who had an unorthodox method of coaching, spanking Dennis' arse. Gordon tried his very best to train his chum since he was in debt. He made a bet on Dennis to finish the marathon.

Review: It was a simple and common movie plot about a loser who won in his obstacles in the most dramatic fashion. But I like how they injected the typical sly British sarcasm into it. The ensemble of cast were good, because British actors are good actors. But I am quite disturbed on the hair of Thandie Newton which was all over the place. I love how they/ she styled he hair in 2012.

Spoilers: Okay, Dennis' time in finishing the race is equivalent to an Ultramarathon. Dennis' charity of choice was the National Erectile Dysfunction Awareness (NEDA). You can see Gordon's butt. Mr. Ghoshdastidar's weapon of choice is a spatula.

Soundtrack: It involves running injected with something British alternative rock.

Director: David Schwimmer, better known as Russ of Friends.

Which channel to watch: HBO Asia (Kindly, check the website for screening schedules.)

 run fat gurl...err run.

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