Wednesday, December 29, 2010


This year is about to end, and it's about time to make some reviews, recollections and recalls of the year that was.

  • First stop, I conquered my very first Pikermi, half-mary, half marathon or 21K race.  My race time of 2 hours and 45 minutes was kinda disappointing after all the effort and training. But I guess, I have to be happy with this result since this is my very first 21K.
  • On my dad's first marathon attempt, he DNFed! He suffered severe cramps on the 37th km on both legs! He had muscle spasms, too! My dad never admitted that he had a trauma after his ordeal. But I secretly plan to join him on his marathon redemption by 2012.
  • A separate blog site. Yup, I used to blog my running misadventures along with my personal blog. But I have to separate what is personal to what is running, so I came with this blogsite as my running blog.
  • Dailymile and other social networks. Thanks to the Dailymile and other social networks (I'm quite notorious on twitter!) I was able to meet with runners. Although, I haven't introduce myself in real life. I am planning to ditch my "shyness" by 2011.
  • I am actually overwhelmed of having 13 runner/blogger followers! Thanks for following my blog!
  • I am also overwhelmed by runner bloggers for posting links to my blog on their blogsite! Again, thank you from the bottom of my heart!
  • Who would have thought that after suffering a major injury, I had a podium finish. Yes folks, I ran the SSS Fun Run and placed third!
  • This year, I suffered ITBFS or iliotibial band friction syndrome which made me miss the Cebu and Dumaguete legs of the Milo Marathon.
  • And aside from ITBFS, I also suffered severe and intermittent pangs of TAMADITIS! Yes, I must confess, I am quite of a lazy arse, especially in mid-training.
  • DNR, DNS and DNFs. This year, I did not participate in three races that I already registered. Reasons that ranges from not waking up early, to family reunions to having a bum tummy. As for DNS, I had two. One was the Planet Sports Run last June and the Heart Run last September. The first one was due to my answering nature's call, while the second one was an almost DNR because of the lack of transportation available. The second race was on the Alay-Lakad weekend. My DNF came just recently at the Cebu Bankers Run.
  • This year I also joined the "barefoot" running revolution by purchasing a Nike Free 5.0 version 4. But I still have qualms of purchasing yet another "barefoot shoes".
  • This year marks the 10th year since I graduated from high school (Now, you guys better do your math on how old I am!). And who would have thought we get to have an impromptu reunion during races! I will blog on it very, very soon. And with photos, too!
  • Aside from running, I am also featuring the world's beautiful game, football. Or soccer to us. I also featured our Philippine National Football team amiably called, the Azkals! I already purchased their kit (or jersey) from Mizuno. And will have it's debut on next year's first race. Watch out for it!
  • I learned to appreciate our delapidated and wrinkled Cebu City Sports Complex (CSSC) track oval (aka Abellana), and track workouts. I used to loathed these.
  • This year, I also joined  the Energizer Night Race! It was my first night race.
So 2010 was a crazy year! But I am looking forward to a better and brighter 2011. But that would be another post! Happy New Year, runners!


caloyb said...

wow! you went through everything! this was definitely a year worth remembering for you. nice post, doc. keep on running and stay injury-free.

Ling said...

Yes sir Caloy! This year was a noteworthy year!

Julius said...

Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. Much appreciated. You have a great site, so I hope to learn from you by dropping by regularly. Added you to my blogroll. Hope you won't mind. See you on the road, doc!

Ling said...

Sure thing, Sir Julius! Wish ko lang po na mabunot yung pangalan ninyo sa NYC '11 Marathon lottery para happy ang birthday mo!