Sunday, July 11, 2010

We Owned the Night: The Energizer Night Race

Location: Parkmall, Ouano Ave, North Reclamation Area, Mandaue City
Date: July 10, 2010 6 PM-10 PM
Race Category: 10K
Bib Number: 1082
Race Time: 1:05:22 (Unofficial time)

I get first to the race review and rating!

Four out of five doggie paws!

The Good
- half of the roads along the route are close to vehicular traffic to accommodate the runners.
- water runs aplenty
- marshalls were every where.
- Different redemption booths for the cap and headlamp, and baggage counter for the 10K, 5K and 3K runners
-simultaneous start in all race categories
-very entertaining post race show

Needs Improvement
- late start
- simultaneous start
- water station is stationed either on one side of the road or right in the middle
- water station running out of cups!
- the course is actually 600 meters short for a 10K.

The Experience

All I can say, I was having a blast in last night's race! I have bumped into my so many people, got to chit chat for a bit. And ran with Katol V. Anyway, I left work an hour earlier just in anticipation of heavy traffic and I have to get my head lamp and cap. The sky was overcast, and down south, it was raining cats and dogs. A lot of my friends back in high school registered for this race. Maybe because it's a novelty race, and it's for a cause, too. Proceeds from the race was donated to GMA-7's Kapuso Foundation for their mercury-free hearing aid project for the deaf-mute.

 The race started quite late than their announced gun start scheduled at 8:30 PM because "Kapuso" celebrities were introduced to predominantly "Kapamilya"  crowd (For the record, I am both. I like GMA because of their news and public affairs. While ABS-CBN for their programs. I prefer watching "Eat... Bulaga!" over "Wowowee", though.) The warm-up was led by Sexbomb Girl, Rochelle Pangilinan. Kapuso celebrities also ran, like Iza Calzado, JC Tiuseco and Paolo Paraiso. How I wish I had a photo op with Iza. 

Since it turned out to be a simultaneous start to all race categories, I have to do positive split to get away from the burgeoning crowd. Ah, the horror of last year's Milo Marathon 5K went back to me. Anyway, I tried to get away as fast as I could that I skipped three water stations! I suffered an early bout of side stitch as early as KM 2.

I get to bump on Katol V. near the Cebu International Convention Center (CICC) as the 10Kers are about to make their first loop of our 10K. This is the second time, I have met Katol V. but it's the first time I am running with him. I tend to slow down due to the lingering pain of the side stitch and we chat about the World Cup! You see, I haven't had any runs this past few days because I am seriously cheering for my team, the Netherlands in this year's World Cup in South Africa. I also cheered for our neighbors, Japan, too. My Netherlands dumped Katol V.'s Brazil in the quarterfinals. And he kinda gained respect for my team, who will be facing Spain later in the finals. After this World Cup, I will be training again. Once every four years ra bitaw na ang World Cup! Pagbigyan ninyo naman ako.

Katol and I decided to let go of our PR dreams goodbye. We just enjoyed the race, the sights, the sounds. The passengers riding in public utility vehicles (PUVs) seemed to enjoy seeing people with headlamps running and did not mind the traffic. They were even some who were cheering for runners. 

As we approach the CICC, Katol and I decided to increase our pace. We finished the race at 1:05, but the course was sort by 600 meters! Toink! Ok, well at least if I ran a full 10K race, it's much better than my ketchup run two weeks ago!

This just in! I just checked on my dailymile account, and's Max Limpag said that one runner died. He actually passed out at the finish line, and was bought to the nearby district hospital. He regained consciousness daw, but ran into an open window and fell 4 feet into the ground. He was fatally wounded by broken glasses. Ouch! Here's the link of Mad Max's entry. May you rest in peace! Sigh!

Anyway, overall I enjoyed the race! I had photo ops with my classmates back in high school! And upon posting my photos on my Facebook account, it piqued the interest of our other batch mates! Next stop for my high school batch would be the Run 4 Kids!

FYI: The Philippines is the fifth nation to have a night race sponsored by Energizer. Argentina, South Africa, South Korea and Malaysia were the other four who already hosted this. In Malaysia, the race was held last March and it included a full marathon!


IO said...

Have heard that a runner died after he collapsed during the race... but that wasnt because of the "collapsed" thingy but because he had a blood loss from a cut.

katol villagante said...

hay... lagi noh. luoy pod to xa... may he rest in peace! Jah bless his soul.

btw, thanx again for pacing with me.
and oh... unsaon man na nga pildi man ang Oranje! grrr...

Ling said...

@IO: tsk, tsk! it was a sad news indeed.

@Katol: ok ra, no hard feelings! they were all Marc van Bommels ganina! hahahaha!