Sunday, September 19, 2010

SSS FUN RUN: A Comeback and So Much More

RACE: Philippine Social Security Service 53rd Anniversary Fun Run
RACE DIRECTOR: Engr. Roel Militar
LOCATION: SSS-Cebu Compound
DATE: 18 September 2010 5:00-7:30 AM
TIME: 34:06 (Official Time)

- Early gun start
- Ample supply of water
- Marshalls were present especially in intersections
- Food and refreshments at the finish line

- Water stations should be located in both sides of the road. Or someone should go near the center island to distribute water to the runners.
- Medals were given to the lower tier of the top ten finishers. Top three finishers were not given a medal.

Overall rating: 4 paws.

It's been close to three weeks since I ran a race (that was the Aboitiz Run to Reduce). I did not gave a review since it was more of a diagnostic race. I rested my legs for quite sometime. I ran/jog around the dilapidated  and wrinkled track oval for two weeks now. I haven't touched on the asphalt road since recovering from my injury.

The SSS Anniversary Fun Run was my comeback race. I was supposed to schedule my comeback to next week, but I might as well, give this a shot. The race was an intimate one, with only a few hundred participants, mostly employees of this government agency. There were a few walk-ins, and the best part, there were no elites! I guess, most of them were gearing up for this Sunday's race.

The gun was fired before the sun was up, I was just running at my own pace. Male runners try to outrace each other, but in the end they were huffing and puffing, and were overtook by me. Hehehehe! The first half of the course was a gradual uphill of Osmeña Blvd. (formerly Jones Ave.), then we went down hill to Gen. Maxilom Ave. (Mango Ave.) to a turning point in front of St. Teresa's College. Then on towards the provincial capitol and turn back to where we started. The course proved to be a challenge for my knees especially downhills. Good thing there was no pain!

Once I got out of the last junction, the P. del Rosario-Osmeña Blvd., I sprinted! When I cross the finish line, one of the volunteers put a necklace around my neck and it has the number 3 on it! This is a historic moment for me! My first ever podium finish! Hehehehehe! Who would have thought that my time of 34 minutes is good enough for a third place finish! Insert evil laugh here.

This is too good to be true!

Lucky 3: 3 of my running gears (shirt, shorts and shoes) are Adidas (three stripes) and I placed third.
Thanks Adidas! I am open for sponsorship now! Hehehehehe!

I was P750.00 richer yesterday, and I get to have two pieces of KFC chicken and rice gift voucher. Sadly, no medal (chuckles!). Those in the top 6-10 got the medal, but no cash prize, though.

But the best prize of all, I can now walk without limping! Woohoo!

Go Ion!

To those who greeted me through Facebook and Twitter, THANK YOU!


caloyb said...

no medals? well, you can't have everything. but you did get the best prize no doubt - being able to run again without the pain. the 3rd place finish? icing on the cake. congratulations!

Ling said...

I do agree! Walking without pain or any limp after the race makes it even better! Thanks again, Sir Caloy!

journeyingjames said...

congrats naman! bilis ohh... good to know that you have recovered na.

Ling said...

I am just a modest, recreational runner! Honest! The podium finish was just a bonus, but the greatest achievement was that, as I have said, walking without a limp!

thanks, Pastor James!

porouslogs said...

wow thats nice congrats ling

Ling said...


Thanks, G! What's your next race?