Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Views from a Bystander: The Cebu ULTRAMARATHON

Guess where was I during the Cebu Ultramarathon last Nov. 27? 


I was at the clinic where I am currently working. The clinic is situated in one of the those tiny roads along Gorordo Ave. in Lahug. It is more or less 1.5 km away from the Provincial Capitol. In the morning, I was busy attending to the walk-in patients, giving there much needed vaccination, dewormers and treating one against blood parasites. I asked one of the tanods stationed in a n outpost to call my attention once runner are starting to pass by the area.

At around 10:30 in the morning, Mendel Lopez, the winner of this event, passed by. And one by one, the elites are on the homestretch. I am already done with my duties for the morning, and already ordered for McDonald's to deliver my lunch. It was around 12 when I saw Steve Ferraren speeding down the hill across the street. He ran against the traffic.

From 12 noon to 2:45 in the afternoon, I was just standing in between two VECO poles at the corner of Sunset Drive and Gorordo Ave., witnessing what would be an elusive dream of mine. To run an ultramarathon. I was a mere bystander, taking photos at some runners, giving them words of encouragement (e.g., Hey, it's just 1.5 kilometers aways! Kaya pa!), or give directions especially the out-of-towners (e.g., Ultrarunner from Manila: "Miss, saan ba ang UP Cebu?" Me: "When you go down this hill, that's already UP.")

It was a good thing, that I have no patients during that time. Good thing they arrived at 3.

Here are some photos that I took. I apologize for the poor quality, I totally forgot my camera (face palm!), so I only use my mobile phone.

Merlita Arias Dunkin, 2nd place Lady's Category
It's good to see students gave back to their mentor by pacing and supporting with him towards the finish.
Bald Runner gamely posing for me.

Mr. Front Runner himself, Jonel Mendoza.

Band of Brothers

Mr. Nemesio Escasinas (partly hidden)

With his better half, Mrs. Tessie Escasinas closely behind.

Gabby Lariosa of Cebu Daily News
Tinago Barangay Councilor Joel Garganera with a friend.
He took his oath after crossing the finish line. 
Conquering 50 kms. in Vibrams? Why not!
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Tito V. ad his flock of Ungo Runners

Head Master Ungo, Max. I barely recognized him because he had his "bangas" shaved.

BDM veteran, ultramarathoner, and broadcast journalist, Haide Acuna.

 Ms. Twinkle Ignacio, Cebu's running muse.


Aleah said...

Great pics! Wish I could run in Cebu soon. Umm. I'm from Mindanao. Could you add my blog to your Bisaya Runners blog roll?

Thanks! ^_^

Ling said...

Thanks for appreciating the photos I took, Aleah! I only used my old cybershot camera-phone for this.

I already add you to my blog roll.