Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pink October Run

Yes, Auntie! This one is for you!

photo credits to Katol V.
 Last year, I ran 10K on behalf of one of my college professor's mom who happens to be a breast cancer survivor (Click here for the story.). This year, cancer has struck someone who is really close to us, our Aunt. Although the Pink October Run is organized for breast cancer awareness, but I think this run has become an avenue for people to fight not just breast cancer, but all forms of cancers. I won't disclose to you the name of my Aunt, what kind of cancer she has and what stage in respect to her and her family. 
 This year, I just ran 5K since I just got off from injury. Although it's not the best 5K performance, finishing in 35 minutes and 20 seconds, and suffering from side stitch in the last kilometer. I was thinking, the pain I had with the side stitch is nothing compared to the pain my Aunt feels of all her radiation and chemo. Please, if you do believe in the power of prayer, please pray for my Aunt's speedy recovery.

PS: I was supposed to be accompanied by another runner, who would like to dedicate each kilometer to 5 of his friends who succumb to cancer. But sad to say he had an upper respiratory infection. So he just let me wear his bib, which I pinned on my back. You want to know who is this other runner?
It's our clinic mascot, Puffy!


Julie @ "Hotlegs Runner" said...

This is truly a great cause. and that is truly a cute dog! =)

Ling said...

Really? You should see Puffy's photos two years ago. He was so different.

katol villagante said...

I feel you and your family doc.

Let's pray for her.

and kiss Puffy for me. :-)

Goat-On-The-Run said...

Thought your number was "143" at first glance.

Felt bad that i did not join the race last Sunday, that could have been for my aunt too who was just diagnosed with breast cancer last month.

Ling said...

@Katol: thanks! when i see Puffy this Saturday. I am at the branch now.

@Goat-on-the-run: I feel you! Cancer sucks!