Monday, October 18, 2010

Dumaguete Marathon-November 21, 2010

I know a lot of people who already signed up for the Cebu City Marathon this January are now training like crazy right now. I know some of them might be bored with the same LSD routes they tackle every weekend. So ladies and gentlemen, why not take your LSD to another place, like the City of Gentle People (also known as Katol's hometown.), Dumaguete.
This coming November 21, they will be hosting a "marathon". You may register in 3K,5K, Quarter Marathon (10.5K), 3-quarters marathon (31.5K). You may register at the Foundation University. For more details, you may call the following: 
Dr. Aparicio Mequi/ Paultom Paras/ Joel Balajadia/ Carlo Simpao/ Alex Pal
035-4229167 loc. 165
They also have an official website:

I got some information through,


katol villagante said...

oi.. starring ko. haha.

thanx doc.

Ling said...

No problem, Katol! Need not to worry that's free! I won't charge you!