Sunday, October 31, 2010

Good Dog!

What's my dog doing on my running blog? Well he did a good deed this week which involved one of of my running gear.

Last Friday, while our house help, Gina and I watched the replay of our favorite Koreanovela (straight from Korea with English subtitle), Chavo was barking frantically. We were thinking the reason for his barking (He has a big voice! Our neighbors love him because it scares any would be "Akyat-Bahay".) was because he might be seeing a cat or a wandering dog from his vantage point. He got the attention of Gina. Gina went out only to see that Chavo gave my fuchsia Nike sports bra that fell off from the clothes drier to her. It was unscathed.

Good boy, Chavo! And this blog post is your reward!

*We actually named our dog after WWE wrestler, Chavo Guerrero, Jr., the nephew of the late Eddie Guerrero. Chavo is actually a Mexican slang for little boy. We some times call him Chavito, thus making him little, little boy.

** Contrary to his name, Chavo weighs around 27-30 kilograms. His name may be suited for a chihuahua, the tiniest breed of dog native to Mexico, but he is half labrador retriever (dad) and half dalmatian (mom).

*** He is turning 7 this coming December.


caloyb said...

nice post for a nice dog :)

Ling said...

Thanks, Sir Caloy! I'll tell Chavo. He actually listens!

Jacob said...

Truly man's (in this case, woman's) best friend. Great dog!

Ling said...

@Jacob: Yes, he is my beast friend!