Sunday, September 26, 2010

Pikermi Training Log Week 2: Sept. 20-26

Monday, September 20
- After skipping my Sunday Runs (since I ran on Saturday), I decided to go to the oval for my "recovery run". For the past two weeks, I have been running around the track for 12 times, non-stop. I was thinking to increase my mileage, and instead of 12, I decided to go 13 rounds. Since it's a "recover run", I took this in an easy pace. My time was 41 minutes and 44 seconds. 

Tuesday, September 21
- Weights. I kicked off this work out with a seven minute session with my uberly large hula hoops! I dropped it for like a couple of times, but it's a feat. Then I started doing shadow boxing with our 1 lb. weights., one on each hand. After a good 7 minutes of it, I used our 4 lb.weights, then work on my deltoids, trapezius, biceps and triceps for a good 7 minutes. Then cool down with stretches, and that included my legs.
- I registered myself to the next race this coming Saturday, I just registered to the 5K category. And also I purchased the latest copy of Women's Health Magazine and Runner's World Philippines.

Wednesday, September 22
-No workouts today. I had a continuing professional education seminar on heartworms in the evening. And since I am the secretary of our organization, I made some last minute printing of our certificates. NGARAG!

Thursday, September 23
-The moon was full, and so I was. Again I made 13 rounds around the oval. This time, I pushed myself to my brink. I came to realize, I love the monotony of the track! My recovery is so far, so good! My time was 33 minutes, 56 seconds and 53 milliseconds.

Friday, September 24
-Same as Tuesday! I did a seven minute hula hoop session, seven minute shadow boxing with weights, plus running simulation of both arms with weights, and strengthening of the arm delts, traps, biceps and triceps.
- My brother was admitted to the hospital because of severe abdominal pains. He was admitted in the 5th floor. When I visited him, I decided to use the stair instead of the elevator. I had 4 flights that night. This good for the quads and butt.

Saturday, September 25
-I visited my brother again this morning. Again, I used the stairs.

Saturday, September 26
-Since I registered in the World Heart Day Run 5K, I went up and atom. I arrived late, and the runners were already off. So I have to play catch-up. I just used my father's Timex watch and my time was 33 minutes, 39 seconds and 89 milliseconds. That's better than my last week's run! Yipee!

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