Sunday, September 12, 2010

My Running Blog is Written by a Guy!

My super cool geek high school classmate, Frank, posted on his Facebook status about his blog, and what an artifical intelligence thinks about it. His blog,, is written by a female, between 18-25 years old.

So I tried my blog, if what the AI thinks about it, and here's the result:

Text analysis is probably written by a male somewhere between 26-35 years old. The writing style is academic and happy most of the time. 

Oh, well everything is quite true, except for the sex. I guess me and Frank should swap. Hehehehehe!

You can give your blog a shot as well, just go to


caloyb said...

interesting! i think i'll give this a try.

caloyb said...
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journeyingjames said...

cool! mine is written by a happy female between ages 18-25.hhahaha

Ling said...

@james: you are of the same age as Frank according to the site. but you are happy, while he is not!