Friday, July 2, 2010

Conquering 20K and Beyond: Run to Reduce and Pilipinas First 25K International Marathon

Cebuanos will be treated to a couple of races which is slated to have distances beyond 20K. First will be the Pilipinas First 25K International Marathon (Why call it a marathon, if it's only 25 kilometers?) this coming August 15, and the Run to Reduce on August 22.

The Pilipinas First 25K International Marathon will be held at the Asiatown IT Park. They had a press conference today at around 10 am in a hotel very near to the clinic where I am working. Unfortunately, I could not excuse myself since I had lots of patients then. But i have heard through TV Patrol-Central Visayas (while mourning for the passing of a resident kitty), that the registration fee is pegged at P 350.00 for 25K, P 250.00 for 10K and P 200.00 for 5K. The 25k race course will also include the newly-inaugurated tunnel. There will be 10K and 5K race categories

The week following the 25K Run, there will another half-marathon race sponsored by the Aboitiz Group of Companies. My dad already informed me about this last summer, since they were also been told by their HR. The race will be held at the South Road Properties and has four race categories: 3K, 5K, 10K and 21K. The 10K and 21K runners will have timing chips. Registration fees are pegged at P450.00 for 21K, P350.00 for 10K and P250.00 for 5K and 3K. You may register at Runnr in Ayala Center-Cebu, Visayan Electric Company (VECO)-SM City-Cebu, and Casa Ilonga at the Robinson's Place-Cebu.You may claim your singlet/s at Persimmon Plus, Mabolo, Cebu City from August 16-21, 2010.

If you are preparing for Milo half-marathon this September you may either join either or both races or skip either or even both, it only depends on you. Choose your races and stay away from injuries.


Manny Camacho said...

exciting! but i will be in manila on aug 22 and might run the miles for smiles 16K (run for cleft care). read this run to reduce from mr. uytiepo in his column (pre-GLLR) long ago. the pilipinas 25K looks tempting but i'm keeping my sights on the Milo run for my first ever half-mary!!!! :-)

btw, love the new look!

Ling said...

i am actually asking for help from the deviant artist for a logo!

katol villagante said...

Milo! Milo!

doc and manny.. dagan ta sa Milo ha. pace ta 3. hows that?

Manny Camacho said...

sounds like a good idea! i'm in! :-)

Anonymous said...

Got this pdf file from somewhere on the net I think this is the route for pilipinas25k

Ling said...

@Anonymous: could you share the PDF file for the race route for the 25K run?

Anonymous said...

Here is the pdf,%25201st.pdf+Pilipinas+25K+International+Marathon&cd=8&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us&client=firefox-a

Anonymous said...

Pilipinas 25k
August Í5, 2ÖI8 aï
exactly 5:00 o'clock in the morning at Asiatown, IT Park Lahug, Cebu City.
The START & FINISH Venue will be at Âsiaiown, IT Park, Lahug Left Turn Salinas
Drive going down io ÎPÏ Main Office., Juan Lana Avenue going to SM City, Cebu then
Right Tum to Serging Osmeña Boulevard then going to Plaza Independencia Underpass
going to South Road Property then going straight te Sngbu Homes and turning back aôer
the Bridge then Same Route going back to FINISH LINE at Asiatowa, IT Park, Lahug.
Cebu City