Saturday, July 3, 2010

Breaking News: Netherlands Upsets Brazil

 from a facebook application. this, by the way, is my profile pic ever since the World Cup started.

My favorite team just upsets everyone's favorite team in tonight's thrilling quarter final match in the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa. World number 4, the Netherlands defeated World number 1, Brazil 2-1.

Brazil went ahead via a goal by Robinho (pronounced as: Robin-yo) in the 10th minute. The Selecao (pronounced as: Se-Le-SaO), actually had more possessions than my Oranje. It was in the second half in a Dutch free kick taken by Wesley Sneijder (#10), when Brazilian defender, Felipe Melo, and Brazilian goalkeeper, Julio Cesar got mixed up for the ball clearance. But instead, Felipe Melo send the ball into the gaping net. That resulted to a Dutch equalizer via an own goal by a Brazilian defender. The Brazilians grew frustrated with that goal and the infamous antics of Dutch wingman Arjen Robben. You see, I used to despise this guy when he used to play for Chelsea. He always use his wily tricks on my Arsenal causing their defeats. This time around, Arjen Robben played his game on Michel Bastos (#6) (ha, my favorite player name in terms of humor!) and Felipe Melo. Both men were booked (received the yellow card), but Melo saw red.

The second Oranje goal was courtesy from the "Man of the Match", Wesley Sneijder. Arjen Robben kicked the ball on a free kick. the ball landed on the head of the taller Dirk Kuyt. After that, the ball landed on the shiny forehead of Wesley Sneijder and sent it into goal. I was kinda puzzled why there was no Brazilian player on the right side of the net, where in fact it was a set piece or set play.

Anyway, the Brazilians grew frustrated as time ticked away in favor of the Dutch. There were many chances for Brazil to equalize, but to no avail. The Oranje even blew an opportunity to add another goal.

Right now, i am looking for an orange shirt to run on! Go Oranje!

Anyway, it was a good game with some ugly scenes and a few bad decisions. That is why it's a beautiful game. I know, a lot of people are in shock or crying why their formidable Brazil lost to the Oranje. But the Netherlands is a very strong team that uses counterattacks as their way to score a goal and even defend. I only know two other people who cheered for Oranje tonight, and they were my classmates back in high school. To Pia and Al, cheeseburger naman diyan! , Burger! Burger! Burger!


katol villagante said...

haaaaayyyyy... missed the game. i was in palawan when this happened...

pildi akong brazil da... tsk tsk tsk...

Ling said...

sorry, we broke so many hearts that night! Go Oranje!