Saturday, July 17, 2010

TNF Thrill of the Trail-Bohol (September 12)

I have been longing to join one of these races, since I want to experience what is like to do trail running. As I was browsing my Facebook account, I saw this photo tagged to a runner-acquaintance. Giddy me wants to join this, but reality me reprimanded. TNF Thrill of the Trail-Bohol is scheduled at the same date as the Milo Marathon-Tagbilaran Eliminations race, which the crew have long been planning for. On second thought, I will be managing the clinic branch by September! Sigh! 

I am looking at the sky right now, waiting for signs. 


journeyingjames said...

aba meron ngang bohol TNF, galing! kaya lang sana hindi nila isinabay sa milo

Ling said...

oo nga! it's really a major bummer!

katol villagante said...

ngeee.. kadako sa ngee... dint realize sabay sa milo diay ni.

but i thought dagan ka milo cebu?