Friday, June 4, 2010

Silliman Run on August 22

 Silliman Hall

So far, it's been a boring day at the office, so I took a peek at my Facebook account. My former dorm manager back in college posted in her status that the Silliman University Cebu Alumni will be staging the Silliman Run 2010 this Aug. 22, 2010 at the Terraces in Ayala Center-Cebu. There will be three race categories: 3K, 5K and 10K.This will be fund-raising activity, so everyone's encouraged to participate.

I contacted Mr. Nonoy Castillon for further information, and he sent me a personal message on my Facebook account. In his message, it stated that there will be a P50.00 price cut on the registration fee. For on-site registrants, there will be an additional P50.00 for your registration fee. The registration fee is at P250.00.


katol villagante said...

doc. dagan jud ko ani. sillimanian bya ko. hehe

The Scientist Runner said...

Is there a similar run organized in dumaguete around this time which is founders' day? Would be nice to visit the white sand and the corals once again!

Ling said...

@SR: I dunno if it's the same. But I will ask. I have a reader from Kathmandu, is that you? How's the place? How I wish I was in your shoes!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting Silliman Run 2010 in your site. During the Run, SU was well represented: Judge Gonzales, Judge Tan, Inday Maxino, Atty Mik Maxino among others were there.
~dencee reyes of SUCebu Alumni

Ling said...

Hey Dencee!

I did not participate on your run, but I did register!

Anonymous said...

thanks for supporting the cause. hope you can join us on the next big fellowship and induction of a new set of officers in December.

Anonymous said...

Hi! SUCEBU is planning to have a fun run this coming August 20,2011 this time in DUMAGUETE CITY. Hope you can join us then. This activity is part of the opening salvo of the alumni for the 110th SUFD.
Once everything is finalized, we will be posting ads. Launch is tentatively on May 11.
~dencee reyes