Monday, June 14, 2010

Joga Bonita

That's "beautiful game" in Portuguese!  I know this is a running blog, but I can't help talking about football or soccer! This year is a World Cup year, and the finals is being held, for the first time, in African soil. I just saw my favorite, the Netherlands defeated Denmark 2-0! I never get bored every time the Dutch or Oranje play their deadly counter-attack game.

Unfortunately, in this part of the world, most of the Filipinos don't seemed to care about football, or soccer, as it is fondly called here. But for someone who used to play (My only goal was an own goal back in high school!) and appreciate it's beauty, here are the reason why I love football:

1. It transcends barriers. Whether in terms of race, stature or anything in between, football is being played every where in the world, by every one!

2. You can see real men cry. My most memorable "real men can cry" moment was Cristiano Ronaldo's! He was crying during the awarding ceremonies of the 2005 FA Cup Finals between Manchester United and Arsenal FC. Manchester United dominated the whole game which ended with a 0-0 draw. Arsenal FC (my favorite club) won the game via a shootout. 

3. Men (and women) acting silly. Whether the it's the players themselves doing silly dances, back flips, sommersaults, or fans singing their lungs out with team (or club) songs, dress silly with a mug of beer at hand. (What's your favorite club or team song? Mine is "You'll Never Walk Alone" for Liverpool.)

4. Passion. Think of the hooligans. That's the reason why they exist!

5. Straight men kiss each other. Check out the French team during substitutions or check out the celebration after a goal, straight men can't help it but kiss each other...on their cheeks, that is!

6.  You can play the game at any surface and in any weather conditions.

7. The rivalries. It's more intriguing than those prime time weekday soap operas.
(What's your favorite football rivalry?)

8.  Exchanging kits. As a symbol of diplomacy, rival teams exchange kits, or jerseys, after the games. I know what your thinking, it's un-hygienic, but it's a common practice among players.

9. This is for the ladies! Football has a lot of eye candies!

10. Isn't it amazing how these players can dribble the ball with their foot..while running?!

I have to stop my madness. As of this writing, I am watching the first half of the Cameron vs. Japan game. Japan has the lead 1-0 courtesy of Honda. Bye for now, I have to run tomorrow.


katol villagante said...

of course! this is my favorite sport. how can i forget my 7 stitches in my head... just because of football.

joined futsal fiesta last monday and i was injured. but its fine kay i was the 2nd top scorer with 11 goals.

holland diay ka? ako brasil. :-)

Ling said...

Well Katol, my friend, everybody knows everyone's rooting for Brazil since they are the Kings of Football. I like Brazil, hands down, but I also would like to see a quality team in the later stages, and hopefully, the final match itself, and that's Holland.

Holland or the Netherlands is best known for their counterattack and one-touch football. The players are all good, they don't even have an super-duper, uber, hyper superstar like David Beckham of England. They even have a good quality of players compared to some of the nations in the top ten.

tanyachica said...

Hi Ling,

Thanks for posting this.:)