Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fan Mail

I opened my e-mail this morning, and lo and behold, a FAN MAIL! Let me share you the e-mail.


I have read about your "Runner" blog and I find it informative...
I just started running in May and my first run was Rundaue 2010. I enjoyed it a lot. And Im planning to keep this lifestyle for good...  aside from its making me physically fit, its a good way to socialize (meet new friends)...

Please do continue to post about schedules of the "runs" in Cebu... Your blog is indeed helpful!

Looking forward to meet you in one of the "runs"!


IO :-)

Thank you Mr. Ireneo Fabiano for your e-mail! It really made my day! Sorry, I just "copy-and-paste" your e-mail.


Len said...

I think its miss..hehehe.. c u in the upcoming fun runs. :D

Len said...
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Ling said...

@Len: Oh! I am sorry!