Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Frugal Cebuanos

photo credits from this site.
Journeying James commented on my previous post, that Cebu has cheap racing rates. You see ever since the running boom, the registration fee has gone up in Manila. Gone were the days were one has to pay P150-P200 race.

Here in Cebu, if the race is pegged, let's say at P350.00, expect there will be little participants. Some of my paisanos would even complain for such fee. To convince the participants, the organizers will justify it by giving free breakfasts, loot bags and freebies. Even during the first staging of the Cebu City Marathon, there were participants who complained why the one has to pay P650.00 for the full marathon. The organizers compensated it with a finisher's medal shaped like one of the islands best known produce, the mango. The bulk of the P650, and the P450.00 I paid for my half-marathon, was also for the timing chip. It was the first race in Cebu that used timing chips.

This September, Cebuanos will have to pay P500.00 to be able run in the Milo Marathon. The Milo Marathon this year is a run for a cause. This is also the first time that Milo will use timing chips. Half and full marathon participants will have a finisher's medal (as long as you hit the finish line before the curfew time) and a finisher's shirt (for the full mary only).

the Milo bling. I like.

So, we Cebuanos are the frugal type of people. We make sure if we dish out our hard earn money for a race, we make sure the fees are justified. To Journeying James, come to Cebu, and experience cheap racing!


journeyingjames said...

nice post! thanks for the mention and where did you get that bling image? i love it!

Ling said...

the bling? i got the photo from milo's facebook page.

IO said...

i'd do the same for Journeying james... you better experience cebuano race!

Manny Camacho said...

i agree on all the points raised! :-)