Wednesday, August 11, 2010

When Hips and Knees Don't Lie

Later this week, (I have to wait for my colleague aka Bat Girl to return from her bat hunting expeditions in Rizal.)I have to see the doctor to check on my right knee and hip that's been bugging me this past few weeks. I am currently setting my sights in conquering my second half-marathon in Dumaguete this September, while it's still early (or is it late?) have them check by a physiatrist.(FYI: A physiatrist is a rehabilitation physician that are trained to diagnose and treating pain and injuries in the muscles, bones, nerves, tendons and ligaments.)

After running more than 10K every Sunday, my right knee and hip will hurt. I have to ice and give 3-4 days rest until the pain is gone. I haven't taken any anti-inflammatories (non-steroidal) yet, since I don't feel pain when I am just walking. 


I already signed up for the annual Cebu Doctors University Run. I was taking into consideration that the terrain in flat and I don't need to play "patintero" to vehicles. Rest assured, readers, you'll get a full report on my injury.

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