Thursday, August 26, 2010

A "Thank You" Note from Bebe

Yesterday, I dropped by at Chong Hua Hospital to visit a sick relative. When I passed by the lobby, I saw this note from Bebe, the beneficiary of the June 26 run organized by Chong Hua Hospital's Code Blue Running Club. It was an intimate race, yet they were able to raise P100,000.00 for her treatment against nasopharyngeal cancer.

To all those who cannot read her message of gratitude in the photo above, I will re-write it down for you.

To all those who have contributed to the tremendous success of the run-for-a-cause, Run for Bebe, you so actively participated in for my benefit, my deepest and heartfelt thanks!

First and foremost, to the Race Organizer, our dear energetic and caring Chief Nursing Officer, Dr. Naomi Tagimacruz-Fajardo, for having the event conceptualized and eventually successfully realized.

To the CHH Management, most especially Mr. Lim Liu and Dr. Helen Po, for their constant and unwavering support.

To Dr. Alex Junia, the President of Code Blue Running Team, and Mr. Kenneth Casquejo of Runcheck, the Race Director, and their members for their generous and overflowing free will to aide in making this endeavor a huge success.

To my Nursing Sevice Office family: the Nurse Supervisors, Educators and Unit Coordinators and all nursing Staffs, as well, as the staffs of other departments for giving your unlimited time and dedication in the preparation and execution of their roles and responsibilities during the event.

To my family, relatives and friends, for all the love and support.

To the CHH College of Nursing Affiliates.

To all the volunteers and participants.

Lastly and most importantly, to God Almighty, for allowing the said event to go on as planned and without the slightest hindrance.

May the Good Lord bless your kind hearts for which I am forever grateful!!

Dolores "Bebe" A. Arceo


journeyingjames said...


Ling said...

you said it, Pastor James!

b2bwayne said...

Hi Ling. Very touching post. A little teary eyed as well after reading it.

Thank you for stopping by the other day. I've added you to the blogroll and thank you for doing the same. Definitely enjoy reading blogs.

Please take care, looking forward to meeting all of you and have a good, safe and long weekend!

Ling said...

Hi Wayne! Thanks for dropping by! I find your blog pretty interesting especially you included Pinoys on it.

Yeah, I hope to see you really soon. and I hope I can run in the Bay to Breakers. I included that on my "Bucket List".

ken_rfc said...

Thanks for posting! for your info there will be a RUN FOR BEBE 2 on December 5 but this time proceeds will be intended fro 5 kids with Cancer. For more info check for details soon.

Happy running!

the Asphalt Eater
(kenneth casquejo

Ling said...

Thanks Sir Kenneth, for the info. I will participate on the next installment for "Run for Bebe 2". Wee!