Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Return of the Tri-City Run

Not so long time ago, when running was not such an "in" sport. Hardcore runners were treated to a 25km run that covered three of Cebu's major cities, Lapu-Lapu City, Mandaue City and Cebu City. The run was then known as the "Tri-City Run".

I dunno when was the last "Tri-City" run was staged since I was not base in Cebu for most of my college life. Anyway, after the the first Cebu City Marathon, one city councilor suggested to stage and bring back the "Tri-City Run" on the city's charter day, Feb. 24. But since, Cebuano runners need to recover, the plan did not push through.

Is there a need to have it resurrected? If you ask me, yes! Running is booming, and runners look for another challenge. Those who want amplify their running mileage and conquer marathons or even distances longer than 10K will have to go to Manila for such experience. Why not have another marathon here that features the three cities, or even four including tiny, Talisay City.

Suggested route:

The starting line will be at the Mactan Shrine (the historic site where Lapu-Lapu's man slaughtered Magellan and company.) in Lapu-Lapu City, runners will pass through the new Mandaue-Mactan bridge or more known as Marcelo Fernan Bridge. After wards, the runners will go to Paknaan, Mandaue and climb up the Cansaga  Bay Bridge where the first turning point will be located. The runners will go run in the reclaimed areas of both Mandaue and Cebu City. Here's an interesting thing, runners are going to run in the yet-to-be-inaugurated-and-named-tunnel that will lead to the South Road Properties (SRP). Runners will run the full stretch of the SRP, if the kms are short, why not extend the route to Talisay, and have a turning point there. If you are going to ask me where is the finish line? Hmm, it's a toss between the Cebu City Sports Complex or Abellana and the Cebu City Hall.

The run will feature a 21K and 42K. Relay teams will also be welcomed. Four runners covering 10-11 km per leg for 42K, or four runners covering 5-5.5 km per per for the 21K. In this race, there will be no 10K or 5K for this run, so I suggested to have a "relay team" for the benefit of the 10K and 5K runners.

I just wish such race will be realized. I am actually praying for it!


porouslogs said...

A very nice idea of a Tri-City run, going over bridges and enjoying the sights

vard said...

nice route but i think its more than 42KM, it will be an ultra marathon.