Monday, May 17, 2010

Punto-4-Punto: Running Regulations

Running is really booming, and there are many concerns regarding race organizing and handling. This morning I was reading this sports columnists column on "Running in All Directions" (Sun Star Cebu, 17 May 2010), and an issue of having a body that will check on how foot races are organized in Cebu. Ever since the "dreaded" May 2 run, there were calls for a creation of a body to see to it that runners' safety have met. I am up for that. You see, ever since running the Cebu City Marathon (CCM), organizers seemed to fail in the "Marshalling" and depletion of water supplies during races. CCM was in fact the gauge on what and how races are organized, but most of the races after it seemed to be below it's standards. Complaints of being almost hit by a vehicle and lack of hydration support are always the main culprits. Late start is only secondary, but it should be addressed as well. So yeah, I am for that.

But there is another provision in the article that I don't seemed to agree, the race schedules. I mean, I don't care if there are two or three races being held simultaneously in the Metro at a given Sunday. Even in Manila, there is an average of 1.5 races/Sunday. For me the more races, the better for the sport! And at least people have to choose which race to run because the last time I check, we are living in a democratic country. We just exercised our right to vote just last week.

To rest my case, I don't care if there are races simultaneously held in the Metro on the same day, as long as these races can deliver what is required for a safe and successful race as recommended by the "body". 

If you ask me if I am joining a foot race this Sunday. I am joining neither. I have family commitments. See you all, at any given Sunday!

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porouslogs said...

Good article,I agree with the simultaneous runs, It will give runners a choice, especially in these times where fun runs are getting more expensive ranging from 200-450 pesos, gone are the 120 days