Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Run for BB2-Run for Kids with Cancer

Dec. 5 must be the busiest day in Cebu's running calendar! Can you imagine there are SIX, as in 6 races will be held on this day all over the metro! I know most of you guys will either be in deep training for the January gig, or in Singapore or in Quezon City. But for those who want to join races on this day, it would be better to Run for BB2!

Why am I unabashedly suggested for anyone to join the Run for BB2? We'll this is a run for a cause! Proceeds for this event will help in the treatment for 7 kids with cancer. That will be great Christmas gift for these kids and their families. Second it has a great race course that included the dreaded hills of Banawa! Just take a look at the race map below. The course will provide a good quality workout for those preparing for their January gig.

Click on the photo to bigify.

 See, I hope I convinced you guys to join this! Don't be a grinch! Merry Christmas!

Photos taken from Rosario Naomi Fajardo's Facebook account.

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